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nuget package

first post: furesoft wrote: i added a nuget package with simple helper class

LinqPad Driver

first post: furesoft wrote: Does a LinqPad Driver exists for SharpHsql?

hi, I tried to convert a result to object

first post: furesoft wrote: hi, I tried to convert a result to object: public dynamic fetch_obj...

Info on the two show stopper bugs?

first post: meaningoflights wrote: Hi Andrés,Its great to see this 9 yr old C# port is still ac...

any updates ?

first post: alhambraeidos wrote: the project continues ?? today, august 3, 2010Supports Oracle ?? ...

How to connect to an existing database

first post: JeanDanielGasser wrote: Hello, first of all thank you for your excellent work ! I want ...

latest post: JeanDanielGasser wrote: Hello andresv, thank you for your answer. In fact the database was...

Two Questions

first post: Dewey wrote: First let me say that I have used HSQL since the java days, and app...

latest post: andresv wrote: I mean the second option: when those bugs are fixed, using just a m...

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